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Special machine construction




High precision components & Injection mould

Pedeo   Haeck



We also have some brochures about dedicated machines :

Large field NC-machines (for flat material)

NC machine for milling large size sheet material beveling machine
milling machine large field NC machine

Special Laser Machines

Special laser milling machine: L3015

Assembling machine

Controlled screw machine High Speed Assembling Machine
large field NC machine  
freesmachine assembling machine

Robot cells

Robotic packing cell for visual inspection & packing of injection products. Can be extended with additional functions. Robotic milling machine Wire packaging line
verpakkingscel Robotic milling machine Cellule robotique

Metalworking machines

Multi-spindle drilling machine : for drilling holes in posts Multi-spindle milling machine : for milling a hole pattern in aluminium profiles Interpress manipulator : manipulation of components from one press to another press Beveling machine
multi spindle drilling machine multi-spindle milling machine interpress manipulator large field NCmachine
freesmachine   freesmachine  

Woodworking machines

Machine for drilling wooden posts Automatic screwing machine : for automatically screwing fences Automatic circular saw (for cutting diameters > standard) NC controlled milling machine (large field) with vacuum table
drilling wooden posts automatic screwing fences Automatic circular saw NC controlled milling


Machine for surface
grinding of concrete
Cutting machine for Sheet Moulding Compound
Machine for surface  grinding lift
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