Member of the Valtech group

Ad Rem

Design and construction of dense medium separation equipment for metal recycling, separation of minerals and vegetables.

Allhydro Hydraulics, power packs, engineering, service, maintenance, repairs, modernization
Creative Technical Solutions

Waste handling solutions, Board handling solutions, Fibre processing solutions, Biomass handling solutions, Sorting & Recycling solutions, Fabric handling solutions

Gualchierani Single box press, Bump press, Tow and compact-tow press, Cake press,
Automatic handling of bales
Motus Handling handling systems for pallets and unit loads, manipulators and automatic plate warehouses (vertical cooling towers), recovery of textile goods, automation and PLC controllers
Rentec Recycling machines, rendering machines, palm oil extraction machines and autoclaves.

Environmental studies and water treatment.

Valvan Baling Systems

Hydraulic baling presses and peripheral equipment for fiber, recycling and used clothing, sorting systems for textiles

Valvan Containers

Design and construction of containers and machines for waste treatment and environmental support.

Vaskon Assembling machines, custom-build milling machines, laser units, robot cells,…


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