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  Vaskon is specialised in the realisation of special prototype machines upon customer request, for virtually any application, since it was founded in 1990. Vaskon controls every step in the design and manufacturing process of the machine :
  • design : we have a team of experienced design engineers. We use the following tools for design :
    • mechanical design : SolidWorks 3D design software
    • electric design : E-plan
    • pneumatic design : ProPneu pneumatic design software (Festo)
    • software design
  • manufacturing : our workshop has several CNC milling machines, lathes, grinding machines,... Most of the machine parts can be made in our own workshop
  • assembly : the machines are fully assembled by our team of technicians (mechanically as well as electrically)
  • programming and testing : our team of programmers has many years of experience in the following domain :
    • iPC or PLC programming (several brands)
    • CNC machine control (Siemens)
    • Robot programming (several brands)

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  Furthermore, we have experience with LabVIEW (National Instruments), a powerful software used for developing high performance test systems and for Data Acquisition. When the machine is ready for shipment, the machine is tested thoroughly in our workshop, prior to being delivered. Apart from developing special machines, we also offer a reliable after sales service. Our machines are used all over the world, by small companies as well as big multinationals. In 2002 Vaskon has acquired Dymach, a local competitor in the field of special machine construction.  
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