Vaskon has a division of ‘Special Machine Construction‘ [Menen] and a division ‘Pedeo Techniek‘ [Oudenaarde] for mould manufacturing, mould repair & subcontracting.

Carbon Footprint 

🌍 As a global player, we’re committed to a sustainable future. This year, we partnered with @E-luse to track our carbon footprint: Read our GHG Corporate Carbon Footprint Report. 🌿

Report Vaskon (Y-2023) 2024-05-02

Report Vaskon (Y-2022) 2023-12-14

Eco-friendly measures

In line with our commitment, Vaskon has implemented various eco-friendly measures:

🔋 Green Electricity: We ensure all our facility electricity is 100% green, locally produced in Flanders, using biogas, wind, and solar energy for a cleaner energy mix.

🌞 Solar Panels: Our production facilities have solar panels, powering operations and reducing our carbon footprint.

🚗Electric Vehicle Fleet: Accelerating the electricification of our vehicle fleet, we integrate electric vehicles into operations for cleaner, sustainable transportation.

🔌Charging Stations: By providing electric charging stations, we support the transition to electric vehicles, making charging convenient for employees and boosting our electric mobility initiative.

New workplace

Our new assembly hall under construction …

New offices

Our engineering department already moved to our new offices …

3D printer

Vaskon invests in future-oriented production technology:


Trends Gazelle 2018

trends gazelle

The financial-economic magazine Trends, uses this initiative to recognise the fastest-growing small, medium and large companies in the various provinces.

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