Vaskon (division Pedeo Techniek, located in Oudenaarde) is one of the leading mould makers in Belgium. Vaskon designs and produces injection moulds for plastics and non-ferrous metals. This includes related moulds for composite materials and thermo-hardeners, punching dies, hot forming dies, blowing dies and others.

We also perform all kinds of modifications to existing moulds :

  • When a new mould is tested on an injection machine, very often small mould modifications are required in order to improve the injection process or component characteristics.
  • small modifications, due to redesign of the plastic components
  • mould repair (due to mechanical failure, breakdown, fatigue, wear and tear,…)

We also dispose of a mobile laser welding unit for laser welding repair of molds, as well as 3D CAD/CAM software and a 3D measuring machine.

Vaskon acts as a service centre for new or existing moulds. Our mould specialists are well known for their incomparable service in the design, production, repair and modification of moulds.
We focus on the small and medium parts, i.e. with maximum mould dimensions of up to 800x600mm.